Fashion | ‘Moana’ Disney Bound


Seeing Disney’s Moana in the cinema last month was simply incredible. So much, in fact, I wrote a very in-depth review, which you can read here. As the movie is still pretty new, Moana clothing merchandise for adults has been pretty hard to come across, especially in the UK (I think I’ve seen one t-shirt from Primark, and that’s it!) so until Moana spurs the same massive phenomenon as Frozen did a few years back (I’m really hoping it will), I searched stateside… Continue reading “Fashion | ‘Moana’ Disney Bound”

Gaming | ‘Batman: The Telltale Series’ Review | Spoiler Free!

I think it comes at no surprise that putting Batman in a video game equals AWESOME. But Batman: The Telltale Series is unlike any Batman game before; you are quite literally put into the boots of both Batman AND Bruce Wayne. “But they’re the same person!” I hear you shouting plain and clear. Well, as it turns out, at least in terms of the gameplay, they are very different, and this game brings forth the psychological angles of one of the world’s most famous heroes by making YOU the brain behind the bat and the billionaire. Continue reading “Gaming | ‘Batman: The Telltale Series’ Review | Spoiler Free!”

Lifestyle | Catch Up With Me | My 1st Bloggerversary & The Blogger Recognition Award!

Hi everyone, we’re officially halfway through the dullness of January, yay! And guess what? Today marks my one year anniversary of blogging – My 1st Bloggersary! I honestly can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I started this exciting online journey. Not only that, but I have also been nominated by the wonderful PippaPosts for The Blogger Recognition Award! Continue reading “Lifestyle | Catch Up With Me | My 1st Bloggerversary & The Blogger Recognition Award!”

Pop Culture | The All-Time Toughest Disney Tag Yet!

Now I love nothing more than completing a good Disney-themed tag, so guess what – I’ve decided to finally make one! And not only that, but I’ve aimed for this to be the “toughest” Disney tag there is… Because who doesn’t love a challenge?

Rules are as follows:
– You can only answer each question with ONE answer. No multiples! For example, if asked who your favourite character is, don’t answer with “Alice and Peter Pan”. You gotta choose ONLY ONE! (This is what’s gonna make it tough, you see… muahaha…)
– All answers must, of course, be Disney-related, but you can choose items from franchises owned by Disney i.e PIXAR, Star Wars, Marvel etc.
– Once you’re done, copy/paste the questions and tag some friends to challenge them too!
EXTRA CHALLENGE: for extra pressure, time yourself and post the amount of time it took to complete this tag. Something tells me it won’t be quick!

So, without further ado, let’s begin… Continue reading “Pop Culture | The All-Time Toughest Disney Tag Yet!”

Movies | What I’ll Be Watching On The Big Screen In 2017

2017 is set to be a year of out-of-this-world blockbusters! So many big titles, and there’s only set to be even more as the year progresses, but here is a list of what I personally am looking forward to catching at my local cinema the most this year. Enjoy! Continue reading “Movies | What I’ll Be Watching On The Big Screen In 2017”

Movies | ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ Review

Rogue One marked the last movie I saw at the cinema in 2016. After a whole year of outstanding cinematic productions, it comes as no surprise that Rogue One was eagerly anticipated. However, while I’d say the majority of viewers had positive responses to this Star Wars midquel, there has been a wide range of just HOW much fans enjoyed it, varying from being praised as “the best Star Wars movie since Episode IV” to “meh… it was alright.” So, just what category did I fit into, you ask? (Warning: Spoilers ahead!) Continue reading “Movies | ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ Review”