Pop Culture | The All-Time Toughest Disney Tag Yet!

Now I love nothing more than completing a good Disney-themed tag, so guess what – I’ve decided to finally make one! And not only that, but I’ve aimed for this to be the “toughest” Disney tag there is… Because who doesn’t love a challenge?

Rules are as follows:
– You can only answer each question with ONE answer. No multiples! For example, if asked who your favourite character is, don’t answer with “Alice and Peter Pan”. You gotta choose ONLY ONE! (This is what’s gonna make it tough, you see… muahaha…)
– All answers must, of course, be Disney-related, but you can choose items from franchises owned by Disney i.e PIXAR, Star Wars, Marvel etc.
– Once you’re done, copy/paste the questions and tag some friends to challenge them too!
EXTRA CHALLENGE: for extra pressure, time yourself and post the amount of time it took to complete this tag. Something tells me it won’t be quick!

So, without further ado, let’s begin…

Q1. Who is your all-time favourite Disney animator, and why?
Glen Keane. He has animated some of my favourite Disney characters such as Ariel, Rapunzel and Pocahontas, just to name a few. His style is just so iconic!

Q2. What Disney era is your all-time favourite, and why? (i.e Golden Age, Renaissance etc.)
Definitely the 90’s Renaissance, I grew up with that era and therefore those movies hold the most nostalgia.

Q3. If Walt Disney were alive and you were allowed to ask him ONE question, but ONE question only, what would you ask him?
“If you could change any of the companies’ decisions that were decided after your death, what would you change?”

Q4. Who is your all-time favourite Disney director, and why?
John Musker and Ron Clements. Sure, they’re two separate men, but as a dynamic directing duo they have directed the majority of my favourite Disney movies!

Q5. What is your all-time favourite Disney song, and why?
“Part Of Your World” for a few reasons. One is because the song is from one of my all time favourite Disney movies, and it’s also is the perfect “I want” song that can be entirely relatable even if you do have feet and not fins. The melody is just beautiful too!

Q6. If you were forced to erase ONE Disney movie from history, which would you pick, and why?
The Wild. I have no idea why that movie happened, and even less clue as to why it’s officially part of the 55 Disney Animated Classics in the UK.

Q7. Which Disney Park from around the world is your all-time favourite, and what makes it stand out from the others to you?
Disneyland Paris. It’s the first and only Disney park I’ve visited so far so of course it’s a special place in my heart. It also has some amazing attractions exclusive to Paris such as Crush’s Coaster, Ratatouille, La Tanière Du Dragon, Phantom Manor, and one of the only remaining original versions of Pirates Of The Caribbean!

Q8. You have only 30mins to spend in Disneyland before you’re magically whisked back home by a portal. What do you do with that time?
I’d spend the whole 30 minutes in Fantasyland, doing all the major Fantasyland attractions. Fantasyland is where I feel Disneyland is the most magical, especially as it’s the home of the castle!

Q9. You get to choose ONE Disney heroine to join the official line of Disney Princesses. Who do you choose and why?
This is really tough as I love all the Disney heroines and think they all deserve a place, however… I’d choose Giselle from Enchanted. She’s inspired by all the princess personalities before her and yet is so brilliant as her own original quirky character who falls in love with real life New York man Robert and saves the day by rescuing him from the dragon. She also has a beautiful singing voice, a whole wardrobe of gorgeous outfits (thanks mostly to her sewing skills) and even has an animal sidekick or two, or three… Or one-hundred, possibly!

Q10. Speaking of Disney Princesses… One will need to be demoted from the franchise to replace with the new heroine. Which existing princess would you remove from the franchise, and why?
This is also a really hard question for me as I love them all and it’s hard to demote any of them! I’m going to say Elsa purely because she is a Queen, not a princess. Plus Elsa is so popular she wouldn’t technically benefit any less from not being part of the princess franchise!

Q11. What is your all-time favourite under-rated Disney movie, and why? (“Under-rated” meaning movies you don’t see or hear about these days… Like, ever.)
The Hunchback Of Notre Dame. Wonderful music, characters, animation and iconic scenes make this my favourite underrated Disney movie. Quasimodo is the perfect underdog and Frollo is a terrifyingly realistic villain. Esmeralda is one of my favourite Disney heroines for her bravery and being a woman ahead of her time.

Q12. Which Disney villain do you feel is the most misunderstood, and why?
I feel like Ursula has a whole backstory that we never get to see in The Little Mermaid. Why did she get banished from the palace? How come she has tentacles instead of fins? Where does her magical abilities come from? And just why does she hate Triton so much?! Disney we need answers please! (If you’re thinking of reading Poor Unfortunate Soul by Serena Valentino for answers – don’t, it’s actually terrible writing and Ursula is hardly even in it!)

Q13. You can only choose ONE Disney animal to be your pet. Who do you choose, and why?
I’d choose Lady because I love dogs and she’s so pretty! She also reminds me heavily of my own dog who recently passed away, Penny Lou, they shared so many mannerisms and expressions.

Q14. Who is the ONE Disney character you can relate to most, and why?
Even though her movie is very new, I’m gonna have to say Moana! I’ve definitely had moments in my life where I’ve felt at a crossroads and torn between multiple paths. Moana later realises she doesn’t need to feel torn, as she can embody both her calls of destiny as both chief and voyager, and I’m always trying different skills, abilities and hobbies. I also identify with her affinity for the ocean as my astronomical elementary sign is Water.

Q15. Finally, the toughest question of all… What is your favourite Disney movie of all time, and why?
SO DIFFICULT!… But I grew up with The Little Mermaid and forever wishing I was a mermaid (I have already written excessive blog posts about this in the past). It’s got the story, the music, the animation… And it was the movie that kicked off the Disney Renaissance and brought Disney back to its full glory.

That’s it for the tag, I hope you enjoyed reading! I ended up taking a whopping 35 minutes to complete this – choosing just one answer is crazy hard, and I could’ve easily taken a lot longer! I now tag the following Disney bloggers/vloggers to complete The All-Time Toughest Disney Tag Yet:

Amy (scarielsgrotto.com)
Ellie (youtube.com/initiallycamerashy)
Emma (onceuponadisneyblog.wordpress.com)
Emily (hollywoodandlime.wordpress.com)
Rachel (rachellaurus.blogspot.co.uk)
Victoria (acciovictoria.com)

… Plus anyone else who would like to take part. Have fun!image


Author: Mandy Jean

My name is Mandy Jean, I’m 23, and I’m probably likely to be in the top 5 of the most nerdy people you’ll ever meet (I’ve been personally informed of this on more than one occasion). I’m also obsessed with Disney movies, an avid comic reader and pastel colours are my Kryptonite. When I’m not blogging, I’m a cosplayer under the name Enchanted Rose Cosplay, and have been working part-time as a pro make-up artist for 7 years. Oh, I also enjoy sketching in my downtime and chilling with my dogs, Maggie May and Minnie Bow.

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