Lifestyle | 20 Facts About My Disney Life Tag

Hi everyone, I’ve been tagged by both Jade from Outside The Tower and Fern from Flowers In My Hand to complete this awesome Disney tag! Both Jade and Fern have beautiful blogs so I highly recommend you check them out if you haven’t already. This tag is called 20 Facts About My Disney Life, and is about sharing a some unique facts all about how Disney has impacted your life. So, without further ado… Here’s mine! Continue reading “Lifestyle | 20 Facts About My Disney Life Tag”

Review | The Secret Life Of Pets | Spoiler Free!

Ever since The Secret Life Of Pets by Illumination Entertainment studios was announced, I was so excited to see this movie! The trailer featuring pets getting up to all sorts of crazy antics was a great selling point for getting children and adults alike. However, it actually didn’t give away much of what the main story plot is about, keeping us in a little suspense… Continue reading “Review | The Secret Life Of Pets | Spoiler Free!”

Fashion | Outfit Of The Day

It’s been a while since I created a more subtle Disney Bound, and with the recent opening of Shanghai Disneyland, who better to Disney Bound as than the home-warrior herself, Mulan! I put together my pale pink tank top with Continue reading “Fashion | Outfit Of The Day”

Review | Star Wars The Force Awakens Tsum Tsum Collection

Happy Tsum Tsum Tuesday!

Today’s release was a popular one: The Force Awakens! Included in the collection are Rey, Finn, Desert Rey, Stormtrooper Finn, Captain Phasma, Poe Dameron, BB-8, First Order Stormtrooper, and of course, Kylo Ren. I purchased the whole collection bar “normal” Finn and Desert Rey, because I Continue reading “Review | Star Wars The Force Awakens Tsum Tsum Collection”

Fashion | Outfit Of The Day

Dinner and cocktails was the perfect excuse to wear red! And of course, being the DisNerd I am, I decided to wear my brand new Alice Through The Looking Glass Red Queen flowy top with matching handbag. As the evening was a little cooler than the daytime weather, I wore my Continue reading “Fashion | Outfit Of The Day”

Pop Culture | A Collective List Of Reasons Why You Should Drop Everything And Become A Mermaid Instead

Hi! I’m Mandy, and I’m a 21 year old wannabe mermaid. Yes, that’s me in the photos above. I first learned about mermaids at the tender age of 2 when my mum introduced me to The Little Mermaid on VHS; both the 1989 movie, and the tv series. Soon after, I became obsessed with the idea of being a mermaid, just like Ariel, or Madison from Splash… I related to Melody in The Little Mermaid 2 on a deeply personal level. To this day, I haven’t changed my mind much. Sure, being on land is okay and all… But here’s a literal list of reasons why being a mermaid is SO MUCH COOLER: Continue reading “Pop Culture | A Collective List Of Reasons Why You Should Drop Everything And Become A Mermaid Instead”

Gaming | My Top 10 All-Time Favourite Console RPGs

It’s been two months since I started blogging, but I’ve yet to write about one of my biggest hobbies; gaming! I’ve been a console gamer since the age of 4 when I received my very own PSOne, and, as you can imagine, I have played a whole lot of video games, so it’s high-time I introduced gaming as a category on my blog. To start off my oncoming series of posts, this list is a fun countdown of all the RPGs that have stuck with me as firm favourites to this day… so, without further ado, here’s my Top 10! Continue reading “Gaming | My Top 10 All-Time Favourite Console RPGs”

Lifestyle | Huge Disney Store June Haul | Plushes, Dolls, Ornaments & More!

It’s that time again! Thanks to various discounts in-store and online, I’ve ended up purchasing quite a few wonderful items from The Disney Store. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you’ll already know how much I love Disney and collect all sorts of amazing Disney Store merchandise! Here’s what I’ve purchased this month… Continue reading “Lifestyle | Huge Disney Store June Haul | Plushes, Dolls, Ornaments & More!”

Fashion | Outfit Of The Day*

Do you know what the one item of clothing missing from my wardrobe was? A pretty, summery play suit. Now the weather has brightened up and become a little warmer, I like to switch between dresses, skirts and shorts, but it makes a nice change that I Continue reading “Fashion | Outfit Of The Day*”

Review | ‘Astromech’ Irregular Choice Star Wars Pumps

It’s been a whole month since I posted my Star Wars Merch Wish List on May 4th. Can you believe how quickly the time has gone?! If you’ve read my Wish List, you would’ve seen that I included this exact pair of Irregular Choice R2-D2 pumps on there as one of my most desired-for items of Star Wars merch! Continue reading “Review | ‘Astromech’ Irregular Choice Star Wars Pumps”