About Me


imageHello there, and welcome to my personal blog! I’m Mandy Jean, I’m 21 years old and from the UK.

I aim to create a big whirlwind cocktail of posts consisting of the following themes: Lifestyle, Disney, Movies, Gaming, Travel, Fashion, Beauty and Pop Culture. It’s basically everything that makes me… Well, me actually!

The reason I decided to start blogging is because I love writing about things I’m passionate about. I often think my brain is just “wired” for it, whenever I see something interesting I straight away tell myself “ooooh, that’d make a great post”, cheesy as that sounds. I’ve been inspired by lots of other amazing blogs online and it’s nice to finally put my spin on topics out in the big wide world web.

I would love to hear feedback or any ideas for future posts, feel free to tweet me @MandyJean