Fashion | Throwback Black

There was a period in my life long ago where I wore nothing but black (also known as my angsty teenage years). I’m mostly nothing but a bright pastel unicorn now, but sometimes I like to throw it back to my days in the shade, especially when Continue reading “Fashion | Throwback Black”


Movies | ‘Coco’ Review

It’s been a long wait to finally watch Pixar’s Coco, a movie which was released in the US all of three months ago, but boy… was it worth it.

I knew to expect great things – this IS a Pixar film after all, known for its strikingly beautiful animation and in-depth, emotionally driven storytelling. My favourite Pixar movies include the Toy Story trilogy, Inside Out and Up just to name a few, but ever since finally getting to see Coco at the cinema, I think I do indeed have a Continue reading “Movies | ‘Coco’ Review”

Lifestyle | Catch Up With Me | Launching My YouTube Channel, Our London Adventures… AND My Engagement Story!

Hello everyone, and welcome to my first catch up post of the year… and already, I have SO much to tell you!

In my last catch up sesh, I mentioned how I wanted to officially launch my YouTube Channel, Mandy Jean World. Before the New Year, I had uploaded a few videos here and there (the most prominent being my Disneyland Paris vlogs) but what I really want to do is to provide new content every week. So far, I have Continue reading “Lifestyle | Catch Up With Me | Launching My YouTube Channel, Our London Adventures… AND My Engagement Story!”

Fashion | Mystical Blush

I love pink, but I guess that’s obvious! To switch it up from my usual pastel obsession, I’ve tried experimenting with blush pink for this look, and I really like the colour. It’s a little warmer than pastel, but still light and sweet. Continue reading “Fashion | Mystical Blush”

Movies | ‘Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi’ Review

It’s the movie everyone has been anticipating for the last couple of years since Episode VII. Sure, we had Rogue One hit cinemas last year, but we all eagerly anticipated what was next in store for newcomers Rey, Finn, BB-8 and pals. However, The Last Jedi is a new chapter that has ultimately divided opinion. Has the hype lived up to it’s multi-billion franchise name?

(I’m writing this review a few weeks after release so I can discuss my opinion on every detail, including spoilers. If you wish to avoid, I suggest you attend the nearest screening, then come straight back here!)

Okay, I’m gonna be serious now. The Last Jedi is my favourite Star Wars film of the whole franchise. Why? Continue reading “Movies | ‘Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi’ Review”

Lifestyle | Catch Up With Me | 2017 In Review & My Goals For 2018!

How is it another year over already?! Time really does fly, even though it doesn’t always seem like it. Sometimes I sit at home (like I am right now) and think “so what did I accomplish this past year?”, but then I look through my photos on Instagram/Facebook etc, and I’m like “whoaaa, did all that really happen just this year?!”. In 2017, I… Continue reading “Lifestyle | Catch Up With Me | 2017 In Review & My Goals For 2018!”

Pop Culture | My Favourite Christmas Movies (That Are More Scary Than Jolly)

Truth be told, when it comes to movies, I’m definitely more of a Halloween fan than Christmas. But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the holiday season, or even watch a festive film or two. In fact, some of my all-time favourite movies are technically Christmas movies. However, you won’t find Home Alone or It’s A Wonderful Life on this list. And personally, while they’re fun to watch, A Muppet Christmas Carol and Elf are a bit too overrated for me *suddenly overhears the souls of hundreds crushing into pieces of mince pies*. So, now I’ve narrowed that down, what are my top 5 favourite Christmas flicks? Continue reading “Pop Culture | My Favourite Christmas Movies (That Are More Scary Than Jolly)”