Review | DisneyLife App

I’ve had the DisneyLife app for just a little over two weeks now and I just can’t help bragging about how much I love it! The DisneyLife app is, in short, unlimited digital Disney entertainment wherever, whenever. So if you’re a big Disney fan like I am, you’ll massively benefit from the 100s of movies, tv shows, live tv, music and books available at your fingertips! Here’s an in-depth review of everything the DisneyLife app has to offer, and what I’ve personally been enjoying the most… Continue reading “Review | DisneyLife App”


Lifestyle | My Top 5 Ways To Celebrate Halloween This Year

Hello guys and girls! I know my blog’s been quiet this month, so I do apologise. I’ve been busy holding fort with not one but three jobs, all of which has kept me very busy into the run-up to my favourite holiday of the year – Halloween! I thought I’d share with you all my personal top 5 ways I love to celebrate the spookiest season. Enjoy! (And yes, those are my dolls in the header photo… They have been known to move on their own. Just saying!)  Continue reading “Lifestyle | My Top 5 Ways To Celebrate Halloween This Year”

Pop Culture | My Top 10 Favourite Women of The Buffyverse

Hi everyone! If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know I recently completed an entire re-watch of every season of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel. I’m emotionally exhausted, and feeling very sad I’ve run out of episodes to watch of one of my all-time favourite tv franchises! As Buffy is a show that celebrates strong female characters, I decided what better way to reminisce than share with you my Top Ten Favourite Women Of The Buffyverse – enjoy! Continue reading “Pop Culture | My Top 10 Favourite Women of The Buffyverse”

Lifestyle | Catch Up With Me | Pole Fun, Cosplay Conventions, & More!

Hi everyone! I just want to kick this post off with an apology for my blogging/social media absence. I’ve posted the odd tweet/Insta update, but because of the lack of actual blog content, I felt you guys deserved a proper explanation why I went kinda AWOL!

No need to worry though – I’m fine, I’ve just been SUPER BUSY. I’m a self-proclaimed workaholic, so most of my time I am working (I’m even writing this post in between clients, ironically!), and I tend to spend my little free-time with my family/boyfriend/friends/dogs. But in the midst of this whirlwind, I have some awesome plans ahead, which I’ll be sharing with you today… Yay! Continue reading “Lifestyle | Catch Up With Me | Pole Fun, Cosplay Conventions, & More!”