MCM London Comic Con Haul

As always with big events such as cons, I love to bring a good merch haul home with me… And what bigger and better comic con than MCM London?! The event had some great offers and low prices, of which I just couldn’t refuse. If you missed my travel report from the day, you can read it here. You can also view my video from the day here, which features a tonne of other cool merch that was available. Continue reading “MCM London Comic Con Haul”


MCM London Comic Con | ‘Supergirl’ Cosplay

MCM has been on my cosplay to-do list for YEARS. Friday 26th May 2017 came the day when I FINALLY discovered just exactly what MCM London Comic Con has to offer… And it was everything I ever dreamed of, and more! Continue reading “MCM London Comic Con | ‘Supergirl’ Cosplay”

Lifestyle | Catch Up With Me | When Good Things Fall Apart… Staying Positive Through Tough Times

Hi everyone. As you can probably tell from the title… This week hasn’t been my week! I believe it was only a mere couple of weeks ago that I excitedly wrote about looking forward to Birmingham Animé & Gaming Con and competing in the UK Cosplay Championship.

It is now, with a heavy heart, I have to announce that I’m no longer attending the event, or competing in the championship.

I know you’re all wondering why – well, firstly, I’ll make it clear that dropping out was whole-heartedly my decision. I decided to drop out mainly because of Continue reading “Lifestyle | Catch Up With Me | When Good Things Fall Apart… Staying Positive Through Tough Times”