MCM London Comic Con Haul

As always with big events such as cons, I love to bring a good merch haul home with me… And what bigger and better comic con than MCM London?! The event had some great offers and low prices, of which I just couldn’t refuse. If you missed my travel report from the day, you can read it here. You can also view my video from the day here, which features a tonne of other cool merch that was available. Continue reading “MCM London Comic Con Haul”


Lifestyle | My Top 5 Ways To Celebrate Halloween This Year

Hello guys and girls! I know my blog’s been quiet this month, so I do apologise. I’ve been busy holding fort with not one but three jobs, all of which has kept me very busy into the run-up to my favourite holiday of the year – Halloween! I thought I’d share with you all my personal top 5 ways I love to celebrate the spookiest season. Enjoy! (And yes, those are my dolls in the header photo… They have been known to move on their own. Just saying!)  Continue reading “Lifestyle | My Top 5 Ways To Celebrate Halloween This Year”

Gaming | My Top 10 All-Time Favourite Console RPGs

It’s been two months since I started blogging, but I’ve yet to write about one of my biggest hobbies; gaming! I’ve been a console gamer since the age of 4 when I received my very own PSOne, and, as you can imagine, I have played a whole lot of video games, so it’s high-time I introduced gaming as a category on my blog. To start off my oncoming series of posts, this list is a fun countdown of all the RPGs that have stuck with me as firm favourites to this day… so, without further ado, here’s my Top 10! Continue reading “Gaming | My Top 10 All-Time Favourite Console RPGs”