Disney VHS Mystery Box Opening | Handmade Surprises, Vintage Items And More!

Now, who doesn’t love surprises?! And furthermore, who doesn’t love DISNEY themed surprise boxes?! Continue reading “Disney VHS Mystery Box Opening | Handmade Surprises, Vintage Items And More!”


50 Facts Friday | Cinderella

Hi everyone, welcome to another addition of 50 Facts Friday! Since it’s the 67th anniversary of one of my absolute favourite Disney movies, I thought it was time to put the spotlight on the one and only Cinderella! Continue reading “50 Facts Friday | Cinderella”

Movies | ‘Beauty And The Beast (2017)’ Review

Before I begin, I suppose I should make it clear that the original Beauty And The Beast (1991) is my all time favourite Disney animated classic. Of course, if you’re already quite the reader of Mandy Jean World, you’ll already know how much I live and breathe everything Disney, and I am not afraid to share all my feelings on the subject. I found out about Disney‘s plans to make a live action remake of Beauty And The Beast well over around a year and a half ago when Emma Watson first announced she was to star.

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Movies | ‘Moana’ Review

I have been looking forward to writing this review since literally forever! It must’ve been 2014 when the first concept art was leaked onto the internet and Disney confirmed that their next “princess movie” will be set 2000 years in the past on a Polynesian island in the South Pacific, where a young teenager sails away on a canoe in order to answer her call of destiny and save her people. I will warn you now, this review does contain major spoilers in order for me to fully discuss the movie, so if you want to avoid them, go watch Moana in your local cinema, enjoy it… And head straight back here! Continue reading “Movies | ‘Moana’ Review”

Lifestyle | My Disney Doll Collection | Part Two

I finally got around to photographing the second half of my Disney Doll Collection yesterday! If you missed Part One, no worries; you can read it here. I’ve been Disney doll collecting for quite a few years now, and as of this post I will have featured on my blog all of my collection that I currently own. All the dolls featured today are Limited Edition and were bought from the Disney Store Continue reading “Lifestyle | My Disney Doll Collection | Part Two”

Lifestyle | My Disney Doll Collection | Part One

Hi everyone! I’ve been Disney doll collecting for a few years now. My collection has grown rapidly, and I’m forever trying to find new ways and places to display them! All my Disney dolls originate from the Continue reading “Lifestyle | My Disney Doll Collection | Part One”

Fashion | Outfit Of The Day

The Disney Store Fairytale Designer Heroes Vs Villains Collection was released at the end of 2015, and aside from the beautiful LE collector doll couples (which I literally just had to collect and now sit proud of place in my room), Disney Store also released a line of women’s clothing/accessories to accompany them. Despite being one of the most popular animations of the modern Disney era, I feel Tangled is often overlooked when it comes to women’s clothing merchandise Continue reading “Fashion | Outfit Of The Day”