Barbie Mermaid Vibes

Pink. Barbie. Mermaids.
Three words that perfectly describe what I love! They definitely are the inspiration for my style too. Continue reading “Barbie Mermaid Vibes”


Fashion | Outfit Of The Day | ‘Toy Story’ DisneyBound

Okay, so it doesn’t take too long upon visiting my blog to know how much I love pink. I came across this wonderful Barbie Dance Club t-shirt the other day and knew I just had to add it to my collection of baby/pastel pink goodies. One of the main reasons I love it (being a huge Disney fan) is the fact that the Continue reading “Fashion | Outfit Of The Day | ‘Toy Story’ DisneyBound”

Fashion | Outfit Of The Day

I’m not gonna lie; I’m definitely a bit of a Barbie girl! Barbie has always been my fashion doll icon, so you’re probably not too surprised to find out I own a few Barbie items in my wardrobe. However, whilst I like to show off my geeky flair for all to see, it’s nice to keep things fairly subtle, as I’ve done with this outfit. Continue reading “Fashion | Outfit Of The Day”