Disney Store Haul | July/Aug 2017

Who doesn’t love a bit of Disney Store shopping, hmm? To be honest, I didn’t actually buy a lot for myself over the last month. I had a family member’s birthday and a new puppy to buy for, but I just simply couldn’t resist the following cuties for moi… Continue reading “Disney Store Haul | July/Aug 2017”


Pop Culture | My Top 20 Personal Favourite Underrated Disney Movies

Hi everyone! I hope you enjoyed #disneybloggerschat on Twitter tonight – being a host was so much fun, and I enjoyed chatting with you all! As the topic was “Underrated Disney Movies“, I decided it was only fitting that I share with you a chronological list of my personal favourite Disney movies (both animated and live action) that I feel don’t get enough deserving love, and why I think they’re awesome! Continue reading “Pop Culture | My Top 20 Personal Favourite Underrated Disney Movies”