Lifestyle | My Disney Confessions

So it appears that it’s that time where everyone is revealing their deepest, darkest, secret Disney confessions… These are Disney-related confession posts that can be trivial, funny, or even just downright cringey! So, without further ado… Here’s my 6 confessions. *eep!* Continue reading “Lifestyle | My Disney Confessions”

Lifestyle | My Disney Traditions Collection

Disney Traditions are a line of beautiful resin ornaments created by award winning artist Jim Shore. They combine the magic of Disney with American folk art patterns and strong, bold colours. Since being launched in 2006, there has been hundreds of different designs released, and are currently one of the most popular collectables in official Disney-licensed merchandise. Continue reading “Lifestyle | My Disney Traditions Collection”

Review | ‘Tea With Alice’ Irregular Choice Alice In Wonderland Heels

Irregular Choice is, by a mile, my favourite designer shoe brand. I’m a lover of all things quirky and curious, which are two words you would definitely associate with these marvellous footwear!

So, what could possibly make me love Irregular Choice even MORE than I already do? Continue reading “Review | ‘Tea With Alice’ Irregular Choice Alice In Wonderland Heels”

Fashion | Outfit Of The Day

I watched Disney Descendants for the 2nd time the other night, I’m not quite sure why, as it’s not exactly the “best” Disney movie (and that’s putting it very mildly). I guess I thought that maybe if I watched it again, I’ll somewhat “understand it”. I’m still none the wiser to why this awful musical abomination was created, but despite its many, many, MANY flaws… Continue reading “Fashion | Outfit Of The Day”

Lifestyle | 25 Facts About Me


Hi there! Thank you for visiting my fresh new sparkly blog. Instead of writing 10 extraordinarily long word-heavy paragraphs, I thought Iā€™d take a simpler method to introduce you to the world of moi by providing you with 25 Facts about me. I personally love these kind of posts by other bloggers, so, without further ado, here are my random 25 Facts! Continue reading “Lifestyle | 25 Facts About Me”