Fashion | Once Upon A Dream | ‘Sleeping Beauty’ Style For Everyday Princesses

Love Disney? Check. Love princesses? Double check. Love pink… Or blue… Or both? Triple check.

As much as I would love to wear a beautiful gown everyday, sometimes it’s good it keep it comfy and casual… But with an added pretty flair!

To pay proper homage to the wonderful 1959 Disney animated classic, I assembled two contrasting outfits! The 1st outfit is constructed of sweet pastel like Aurora’s enchanting personality, and the 2nd is bright, bold and brave, just like Philip who saved the day! Both are mixed together of pink and blue tones, because the good fairies just couldn’t decide!

Both outfits were put together with everyday durability in mind – I wore both looks during the daytime to get to work. I love my stylised Sleeping Beauty logo tops which I was fortunate to find online, but don’t worry if you haven’t any to hand, you can still set the desired look using plain and simple pieces only – just keep it pink/blue! To complete both outfits, I styled my hair into a dreamy curled ponytail to properly complete the aesthetic, together with thin matching headbands.

HEADBAND: Claire’s (
HOODIE: Hollister Co. (
TOP: Hot Topic (
JEANS: F+F Clothing (

HEADBAND: Claire’s
COAT: F+F Clothing
TOP: TruffleShuffle (
LEGGINGS: La Redoute (

Let me know which outfit is your favourite in the comments!image


Author: Mandy Jean

Hi there! I'm a 21 year old Disney, lifestyle, fashion, beauty and pop culture blogger. When I'm not busy writing away my thoughts, I operate my own professional make-up artistry business in Norfolk, UK.

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