Travel | Adventures In London Xmas 2016 | Day Three | Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum & Shopping @ Harrods Department Store

Welcome to Day Three of our London adventures! If you missed out on our previous antics, you can read Day One here and Day Two here.

It was our final day in London, and we were sad it couldn’t have lasted longer. We had luckily booked a late train home at 8pm, so we still had one whole last day to enjoy! So off we headed to our last pre-booked attraction..image

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not at Piccadilly Circus! I love anything odd and quirky, and I’ve gotta say, out of ALL the tourist attractions I’ve ever visited in London… This is by far one of the best there is! Ripley’s is 5 floors of out-of-this-world pure crazy. From two-headed calves to furry-faced men to shrunken heads, it doesn’t get much more delightfully weird than this place. I don’t want to give away every single exhibit, but I did get a few photos of some of our faves!

After a good couple of hours in Ripley’s, we had a little wander around the nearby shops, including the huge Piccadilly Waterstones where I found the most beautiful version of Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland & Through The Looking Glass, which I can’t wait to read! There was one last place on our London checklist left to visit…image

Harrods department store at Knightsbridge! I’ve actually never been in Harrods before… And oh my god. If I died and went to shopping heaven, Harrods what it’d look like. I could’ve easily spent the whole day just exploring every department, but we only had a few hours left, so we went straight to what’s most important… Harrods Disney Store!image

Honestly, I was quite surprised that Harrods Disney Store isn’t bigger. However it’s a really cute shop department and housed pretty much all of the Oxford Street store’s merchandise. I just expected there to be more Harrods‘ exclusives as I’ve seen people post on social media in the past. It was lovely to see the store and its neighbour Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique in person. I swear if I had a little girl that’d be the first place I’d take her, it looks so beautiful and must be so much fun for the kids. If I lived nearer I’d love to work there as a Fairy Godmother-In-Training!image

The Disney vibe didn’t end there. Harrods just happens to have an official Disney Toy Story Wild West Cafe just around the corner from the store… and we were pretty hungry by this point, so we just couldn’t resist! The cafe is so brilliantly designed and decorated and really makes you feel part of the world of Toy Story, with statues of the characters, TVs showing clips of the movies and the full animated shorts and even the toys themselves on shelves available to purchase. Rupert had a burger and I had a hot dog, both meals were super yummy and pretty big too, so we were both very full after!

Being the big kids we are, of course we had to go visit the Harrods Toy Kingdom! Lucky we did, as it turns out Harrods just happen to have limited edition adult collector Barbie dolls… I love them so much! It’s been ages since I’ve purchased an LE Barbie as normally you can’t find them outside of the official US website. Not only that, but Harrods had Barbie dolls that are currently SOLD OUT on the US store, including the Tokidoki Barbie! Trust me, I would’ve bought them all if I could, however I decided the beautiful doll I’d be taking home would be the Silkstone Gold Label BFMC Cocktail Dress Barbie, who is truly stunning in real life and has a face mood very similar to the original 1959 Barbie.

Another fascinating area of the Toy Kingdom is the LEGO store which is filled to the brim with so many awesome sets of all different LEGO franchises and lots of different displays – including a scaled down version of the Harrods department store itself, complete with little LEGO shoppers and traditional red London double-decker buses!

After buying a few more goodies from the Harrods gift shop (I just can’t resist a good gorgeous handbag or two) the time had finally come for us to pick up our luggage from the hotel and make our way back to the train station. After 3 wonderful days we didnt want to leave, but we had the most wonderful time together and hopefully we’ll be back sooner than we think!image

That concludes our Xmas Adventures In London 2016. I hope you enjoyed reading!

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