Travel | Adventures In London Xmas 2016 | Day One | The London Bridge Experience, The Harry Potter Shop @ Platform 9 3/4 & Wicked @ Apollo Victoria Theatre

Hi everyone, welcome to Day One of my trip report documenting our adventures in London Xmas 2016! Myself and my boyfriend Rupert visited for 3 nights 3 days over the weekend and stayed at City Centre Travelodge between Moorgate and Old Street stations; today I’ll be writing about what we got up to on Saturday 3rd December.

The first location we set off for was London Bridge. We had The London Bridge Experience & Tombs booked for 1pm, and since we arrived early, we had a wander around the wonderful Hays Galleria and along the riverside.

The London Bridge Experience & Tombs describe themselves as being “the scariest attraction in the UK“, and as a fan of scare attractions and generally all things spooky, it’s been on my bucket list for a while, so we decided to give it a visit on this trip. What also made this visit interesting is having previously worked as a scare actor myself the past couple of years. So, the question is… is it possible to scare the scare actor?image

Well… not really. I’ll be honest and admit a couple of loud noises made me jump, but did I feel terrified out of my wits? …Nope. HOWEVER… We both did really enjoy it! The actors did a fantastic job of setting the scene and the atmospheric story in the history part of the tour, and the tombs were at the best unsettling with several themed walkthrough sections. But I did feel the tombs could’ve used a couple more live-actors to add variety and more element of surprise. We did notice the rest of the group looked incredibly freaked out though, so I’ll put my lack of fear down to the fact that I have worked in the scare industry and just unfortunately happen to know a few too many tricks of the trade.

After buying a couple of goodies from the gift shop (a Jasmine Becket-Griffith poster and limited edition ornament to be exact), we had quite a lot of time to kill before seeing Wicked later on, so we headed over to Kings Cross station, where we visited The Harry Potter Shop at Platform 9 3/4!

I believe it’s been 3 years since I visited The Warner Bros Studio Tour, so it was wonderful being surrounded by so much incredible Harry Potter merch again. There was a pretty long queue for the photo op with the trolley, but I decided it was worth it as it moved fairly quick and ended up only taking around 15mins before it was my turn. Of course I chose the Ravenclaw scarf to wear, and I’m so happy with the photo! Upon looking around the shop, I had to literally restrain myself from buying everything, so ended up settling on just purchasing the photo and a cute Hedwig plush.

By around 5.30pm we had dropped our shopping off at the hotel, got changed and made our way over to the Apollo Victoria Theatre, where we had a wander around the surrounding high street area. We were pretty hungry by this point, so we had dinner at the nearby Jamie’s Italian which was super yummy! 7pm soon came around, and we headed back to the theatre to pick up our pre-booked Wicked tickets.

This was both our first time watching Wicked, I’ve wanted to see it for so many years and I was so excited. The Wizard Of Oz is one of my all-time favourite movies and so many people had told me just how brilliant this version of the story is. They were right – WICKED IS OUT OF THIS WORLD. I’ll be posting a separate review of the show so I can discuss it in detail, but we can definitely say it’s now one of our favourite shows. From the Ozdust Boutique, I purchased a Defy Gravity top, the original cast recording soundtrack, a programme and Chistery the Flying Monkey plush (he’s adorable!)image

Well, that concludes our magical Day One! I’ll be posting Day Two’s adventures very soon, so watch this space…

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