Fashion | Outfit Of The Day | “Harley Quinn” Inspired Special!

My favourite DC Comics villainess – Harley Quinn! I was fortunate enough to be gifted some awesome Harley items by my family for my birthday, and with a post-Halloween party to attend, what better occasion to wear all my new pieces together? One of the reasons I love Harley is her red, black and white colour scheme which is a simple but outstanding classic combination. The 50’s style of the skirt comes with a netted petticoat layer underneath, and with black suspenders for a unique quirkiness. I paired it with a basic black tie-up vest top and over-the-knee socks. Finishing touches included my Harley costume patterned bat necklace, matching hairbow, and my beautiful new Harley Converse trainer-boots (which may I add are some of the most comfortable I’ve ever worn!). Of course, one thing I can’t be without is a great novelty bag, and what better than the gorgeous face of the jester princess of crime herself!? All in all, the perfect outfit for a night of delightful chaos…

HAIRBOW: TruffleShuffle (
JACKET: La Redoute (
TOP: Miss Selfridge (
SKIRT: Soft Kitty Clothing (
NECKLACE: Soft Kitty Clothing, as above
SCARF: Soft Kitty Clothing, as above
BAG: Soft Kitty Clothing, as above

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Author: Mandy Jean

Hi there! I'm a 21 year old Disney, lifestyle, fashion, beauty and pop culture blogger. When I'm not busy writing away my thoughts, I operate my own professional make-up artistry business in Norfolk, UK.

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