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Hi everyone! If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know I recently completed an entire re-watch of every season of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel. I’m emotionally exhausted, and feeling very sad I’ve run out of episodes to watch of one of my all-time favourite tv franchises! As Buffy is a show that celebrates strong female characters, I decided what better way to reminisce than share with you my Top Ten Favourite Women Of The Buffyverse – enjoy!


10. Darla (Julie Benz)
Although Darla didn’t stick around in Buffy for very long, she was a highly interesting character throughout both the original series’ mythology and spin-off Angel. If it weren’t for the soft-spoken mysterious Darla being at the very centre of the origin story, we would have no Angelus, Spike or Drusilla. Darla was also one of the most faithful followers of The Master in Season 1, and the very first episode of Buffy opened with her feasting on an unsuspecting high school boy. Darla became even more complex when she returned in Angel as a human with a soul, who became depressed because of all the horrible crimes she’d committed during her 400 years of terror, and the spin-off revealed more of her many early misadventures. Even after becoming a vampire once more, Darla still harboured human emotion while pregnant with Angel’s son, and ultimately became a heroine when she sacrificed herself for the life of Connor because he was the one person she truly loved.


9. Tara Maclay (Amber Benson)
Entering the main gang halfway through a later season is always gonna be difficult for any character of any popular tv show, but Tara was a morally balanced, kind-hearted, socially-awkward witch who fell in love with Willow, and their character’s personalities clicked instantly, and Tara became a fully-fledged beloved member of the Scoobies. I always shipped Willow with Oz up until that point, but after Oz’s (somewhat werewolf accidental?) betrayal and leaving Sunnydale, Tara was the medicine Willow truly desired. Throughout their relationship, even though most of the time they would have a very sweet romance, I did sometimes feel sorry for the widely-innocent Tara who Willow would occasionally lie to about her magic addiction, and she once even wiped Tara’s memory of an argument instead of talking through it, which was awful. Tara also lost her sanity for quite a few episodes of Season 5 after Glory drained it from her, so Tara really did go through some rough character development patches! I found Tara’s tragic death was one of the most shocking of the entire show, second only to Joyce.


8. Glorificus/”Glory” (Clare Kramer)
Glory, in my opinion, was one of the best big bad’s any tv show has ever seen. She was strong, powerful, evil… And a complete shopping addict. Her high maintenance lifestyle and spoiled nature was the perfect addition to her pure wickedness. She didn’t go down easily, either – It was because of the chaos Glory unleashed on Sunnydale that Buffy gave up her life in the Season 5 finale. Glory also had a sturdy enough reason behind her mission too; she was banished from her home hell-dimension simply because she grew more powerful and feared than the other God-like deities, therefore she wanted to recreate the power she used to have on Earth… since she was trapped on it, after all. Glory was a big bad who really did take a whole lot of effort to vanquish, and she remained stylish in heels the whole time. Well, the whole time she was herself and not in Ben’s body, anyway.


7. Harmony Kendall (Mercedes McNab)
Harmony might not have been the smartest, most evil vampire in all existence, but she sure was comedy. She was also super stylish, despite not having a reflection! Harmony went from high school mean girl to a fanged undead outcast, and was even somewhat sympathetic as she tried and failed to prove her worth as a nemesis time and time again but eventually joined the LA branch of Wolfram & Hart as a secretary in Season 5 of Angel, where she even became an ally to the main cast. One of my favourite funny Angel episodes is “Harm’s Way“, which showed us Harmony’s day-to-day struggles as a vampire trying to live a fairly ordinary life but struggling to make friends with her colleagues who were jealous of her promotion and shunned her, much like how Harmony and the Cordettes did at Sunnydale High, making Harmony’s character come full circle. I can also relate to her love of puppies and unicorns!


6. Buffy Summers (Sarah Michelle Gellar)
That’s right – the title leading lady is not my No. 1, unfortunately! That’s not to say I don’t like her, as there are so many things to love about Buffy… her sassiness, her determination, her kick-ass moves, her cute skirt-and-boots with glitter hair clips combo that screams 90’s nostalgia. But Buffy wasn’t flawless; she often made not-so-great decisions. While some of these bad decisions had me shouting in anger at my tv screen, I think it’s a good thing that Buffy wasn’t perfect. She was a teenager with the weight of the world on her shoulders after all, chosen to protect all of humanity from the creatures of the night all while trying to resume the activities all 16 year old girls would rather be doing. In hindsight, Buffy technically handled her responsibilities pretty well. But every so often, she would break down, lose control and show her youth. But what I respect most about Buffy is that she always kept fighting, no matter how tough times became. Personally, I enjoyed Buffy’s character most in earlier seasons (1-3), and wish she’d not used soul-less Spike during Season 6 (that was never gonna end well… But that’s a discussion for another day!).


5. Willow Rosenberg (Alyson Hannigan)
The trouble with Willow is that she was simply impossible to hate – even after flaying men alive, Willow always fought dearly for her loved ones. She was the most intelligent and powerful of the Scoobies; she re-ensouled Angel, brought Buffy back from the dead, gave hundreds of Potential Slayers around the world their mystical calling, and used her combined knowledgable talents of magic and technology to save the world on more than a few occasions. She also almost ended the world when she was angry, dark-haired and vain-y, so she’s a definitely character you didn’t want to mess with. Much like Buffy, Willow was also cursed with flaws, such as her dangerous addiction to magic, but she managed to pull through and could even crack a joke at her own expense. Speaking of jokes, Willow had some of the best one-liners of the entire series, doubled with a quirky smile. And yes, I do still wanna steal one of her 90’s staple Scooby Doo t-shirts!


4. Winifred “Fred” Burkle (Amy Acker)
Fred never appeared in Buffy, but she was a huge part of Angel. Fred was a cute, geeky physics major from Texas who accidentally got trapped in a demon dimension for 5 years, before Angel and the gang came to her rescue. Being stuck in a place where humans were little more than cattle made Fred a little crazy, but she later readjusted to the real world and her scientific brain combined with her happy-go-lucky personality made her a vital, beloved part of Angel Investigations. What I liked most about Fred was that she was proof you can be both a pretty face and a badass in combat, all while being super-intelligent. I was so sad to see her die three-quarters of the way into Angel Season 5, even though Amy Acker still remained on the show as the ancient demon Illyria who inhabited Fred’s dead body (and done a fantastic job of doing so), I just missed Fred’s cheerful optimism.


3. Cordelia Chase (Charisma Carpenter)
I’ve loved Cordelia since her very first appearance in Buffy right until her last appearance in Angel! Cordelia may have been the resident Sunnydale popular cheerleader mean girl, but much like Harmony, Cordy came full circle and she well and truly earned her place as a headstrong heroine. Cordelia became Buffy’s rival after Buffy accidentally pulled out a stake on her… But of course, if the new girl was to pull a stake on me, I wouldn’t take too kindly to it either! Cordelia was for the majority of the time, the sarcastic levelheaded reluctant member of the Scoobies who tried to live a normal life even after discovering the presence of supernatural beings, but would always end up unwillingly dragged into dangerous situations anyway! Cordelia moved to LA to start life as an actress but unable to shake the knowledge of evil’s existence, she joined forces with Angel Investigations, and upon kissing the self-sacrificial Doyle, received painful visions of people in trouble from The Powers That Be, which ultimately changed Cordy from selfish to completely selfless champion.


2. Anya Jenkins (Emma Caulfield)
Anyanka the vengeance demon in “The Wish” was absolutely terrifying… But Anya the ex-demon human was HILARIOUS. Anya provided much comic relief in the show after her fall from demonic grace, often making sarcastic comments and stating home truths no one else simply had the balls to say. All Anya initially seemed to care about was money, and sexy times with Xander. As time passed, Anya became more and more human in the her emotions, she was a great ally to the Scoobies with her knowledge of magic and demonology. She came to realise she truly loved Xander and was heartbroken after he left her at the altar (Xanya were my No.1 ship – what the hell, Joss?!). She had some of the best storylines, and her ever-changing hair and outfits were flawless. Anya sacrificed her life saving the world in the battle against The First, and in true nature, her last word was “bunnies“. I miss Anya.


1. Drusilla (Juliet Landau)
Drusilla isn’t just my all-time favourite Buffy female lady – she’s one of of my all-time favourite female characters on any tv ever! Drusilla was dark, mysterious and menacing, but playful, wide-eyed and childlike, all at the same time. Whenever she moved or spoke, she commanded the whole scene with her other-worldly aura. Drusilla was Angelus’s psychopathic “masterpiece” – After learning of her powers of foresight as a human, Angelus and Darla stalked and tortured Drusilla, twisting up and deforming her mind, body and soul until she was out of her mind, and Angelus finally sired her. After becoming the third member of The Whirlwind and devastating mankind across Europe, Drusilla desired a playmate of her own and sired William Pratt, who later become infamous as Spike, and despite him being soulless, Spike had a deep devotion to her for many years. Even though Drusilla was literally insane, she was also rather clever; she never got too involved with combat, leading to her being the only member of The Whirlwind that never got killed once. Juliet Landau is an absolute inspiration and ethereal beauty, and thanks to her, Drusilla will forever remain in the nostalgic minds of Buffy fans across the globe.

Thanks for reading! Who is your favourite female character of the Buffyverse? Comment below!

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