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I love how lemon and navy are a perfect pairing! They make for a cute contrast when worn together. I also love pairing plain with pattern, as I’ve done here with my plain top and patterned shorts. It’s nice and interesting without being too “in-your-face” busy. Also, I may have been slightly inspired by a certain yellow and blue Pixar fish named Dory. Has anybody seen her?!

TOP: Miss Selfridge (
SHORTS: Miss Selfridge
HEADBAND: Claire’s Accessories (
EARRINGS: Destine Austrian Crystal (available to purchase @ my Studio. Click here for my business links)

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Author: Mandy Jean

My name is Mandy Jean, I’m 23, and I’m probably likely to be in the top 5 of the most nerdy people you’ll ever meet (I’ve been personally informed of this on more than one occasion). I’m also obsessed with Disney movies, an avid comic reader and pastel colours are my Kryptonite. When I’m not blogging, I’m a cosplayer under the name Enchanted Rose Cosplay, and have been working part-time as a pro make-up artist for 7 years. Oh, I also enjoy sketching in my downtime and chilling with my dogs, Maggie May and Minnie Bow.

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