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Hi everyone! Welcome to Part One of my Disneyland Paris May Merch Haul. As always, Disneyland Paris is full to the brim with beautiful merchandise that you just can’t resist purchasing to bring home the magic. I’ve separated my Haul into two posts – Part One: Collectables and Part Two: Clothing & Accessories so my items are categorised accordingly for easier viewing. So, without further ado… Here’s all the collectables I brought home with me from May’s DLP trip!

Let’s start with my pins…

L to R top row: Zootopia (World Of Disney, Disney Village), Inside Out (World Of Disney, Disney Village), Grape Soda ‘Ellie’ Badge (Harrington’s, Main Street USA). L to R bottom row: Fashion Collection Tink (Disneyland Hotel Boutique), DLH Clock (Disneyland Hotel Boutique), Le Bal De Cendrillon (Harrington’s, Main Street USA).

All of the above are mainly open edition/release pins, apart from my Le Bal De Cendrillon, which is both limited edition (1 of 700) and limited release as it was originally only available at a DLP special event, and I assume the reason you can still purchase them is because they had a few leftover pins to spare!

I got the Grape Soda ‘Ellie’ Badge to wear with my Up Disney-Bound on the 2nd day of our trip (you can view my Disney-Bound in Day Two here). Zootopia and Inside Out are two of my new favourite Disney movies, so it’s great I finally have pins to commemorate both. The Inside Out pin has a rotating/spin feature with the emotion’s heads on it so you can choose which emotion to display! I also got the Fashion Collection Tink to match a top I bought that you will see in Part Two of my Haul. As we were staying in the Disneyland Hotel, it was only right that I got a DLH exclusive pin! I love the Mickey clock design that matches the real hotel’s clock. I’m in love with the gorgeous LE Le Bal De Cendrillon pin; the design is so pretty and features both Cinderella and Prince Charming dancing together (we later met the pair at Auberge De Cendrillon on Day Three!). There was a couple of other designs to choose from, but I liked this one best.

Here’s all my Vinylmation’s from this trip…


L to R, top to bottom: ‘Mickey & Friends In Space’ Goofy, ‘Frozen Eachez 1’ Anna, ‘Frozen Eachez 2’ Elsa, ‘Zootopia’ Bellwether (Harrington’s, Main Street USA)

I love collecting Vinylmations, opening blind boxes to see which surprise figure you’ve got is so much fun! I couldn’t wait to get home to open them, so the photos are from our late night hotel room mini opening session. I’m really happy with the figures I was surprised with, they’re all characters I love! I believe the Anna and Elsa Eachez are limited edition, and I got the common variant from each.

Next up is my Mickey and Minnie City Life mini canvas!

Mickey and Minnie City Life Art Collection (Harrington’s, Main Street USA)

I’ve been looking for a cute little Disney canvas for ages and this one is completely ideal! There was 3 other designs available, all with Mickey and Minnie in a “city” themed design, but I loved this one not only is it pink, but Mickey and Minnie are riding in a Mad Hatter’s Tea Cup, one of my favourite DLP rides! Now it’s up on my wall, I really wish I had bought another one to match underneath it as I actually have space (which I wasn’t sure I did!), so I’ll have to pick up another on my next visit.

And now, for my shoe ornaments…

Sally Shoe Ornament and The Blue Fairy Ornament (La Boutique De Chateau, Parc Disneyland)

I promised myself I wouldn’t buy anymore shoe ornaments as I already have collected so many I can no longer fit them all in my small ornament cabinet! But when I saw how beautiful these two new additions to the shoe ornament collection are, I just couldn’t resist. I love all the little details on these, right down to the character signatures on the back of them; Sally’s signature even contains a needle! The Blue Fairy is the largest shoe I own to date, thanks to her gorgeous big wings.

I also bought another small ornament, in the shape of a very magical nanny…

Disneyland Paris Mary Poppins figurine (World Of Disney, Disney Village)

With the season being Swing Into Spring, Mary and her supercalifragilisticexialidocious friends are everywhere in DLP. I particularly love this figurine because it’s so pretty, glittery and sparkly; that’s three things I love the most! Then you add the fact that it’s of Mary Poppins in her beautiful jolly holiday dress alongside her incredibly cute penguins, and that’s me completely sold. I really enjoyed watching the Welcome To Spring show on Day Four that features Mary, Bert, the penguins and the songs from the movie, so this ornament is a wonderful reminder.

Who can come home from a Disneyland trip without buying at least one plushie? Next up is…

Ratatouille Remy and Emile small plushies (Chez Marianne Souvenirs De Paris, Walt Disney Studios)

I made it my mission to actually buy the adorable Remy and Emile on this trip as I’ve been meaning to purchase them on the last two DLP visits, but never got round to it! Of course, I found them sitting on the shelves of the Ratatouille gift shop in WDS, after riding Ratatouille: The Adventure. We were also just about to have dinner that evening at Bistrot Chez Remy (you can read all about our experience in our Day Two report, so it would’ve been rude not to get my hands of plushies of the main chef himself and his ever-hungry brother. I like the smaller sizes of these plushies as they’re more true to ratty size, and despite both being the same price, Emile comes with an extra little cheese design gift bag with his cute head poking through!

The plush items don’t end just there… I also bought some  Tsum Tsums!


Mini Tsum Tsum ‘Dressy’ Gift Box (The Emporium, Main Street USA)

I already have quite the collection of Tsum Tsums (I just had a count, and it turns out I own 130 mini Tsum Tsums altogether; when/how did that happen?!) and I now somehow own 134 thanks to this sweet little set. This set is currently a Disney Parks exclusive, meaning it can only be purchased in Disney Parks. Featured in the set are Minnie, Daisy, Marie and Miss Bunny, all 4 are wearing the most gorgeous little dresses (hence the ‘dressy’ title they’ve been given), and are now firm new favourites with me! I am definitely now in need of another shelf though…

Lastly, but certainly not least, is the largest, most expensive item I bought on this trip…

Jingles 1955” The Art Of Disney Theme Parks Ornament Collection (Harrington’s, Main Street USA)

I saw this beautiful large figurine on my last trip in November, but I knew I had no more room to take it home if I bought it there and then, so I knew I was going to make room for it on this trip. It was actually more fitting purchasing it this time, as the design fits so well with the fact it’s Swing Into Spring season! The design is of Mickey in a barber shop quartet-esque colourful outfit riding a carousel horse to mark the anniversary of Anaheim Disneyland first opening its doors to the public. It was €119, so considering its large stature and all its wonderful detail, I’d say the price was fairly reasonable! It now finally sits proudly as the centrepiece of my side-table in my room.

I hope you enjoyed reading Part One of my Disneyland Paris May Merch Haul. Maybe you’ve even seen something you’d like to buy for yourself on your next visit! Part Two: Clothing & Accessories will be up and ready to read on Wednesday. Catch you soon!

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