Travel | Disneyland Paris Trip Report | Wednesday 11th May | Day Three

Welcome to Day Three of my Disneyland Paris May Trip Report! Day Three was our second full day in DLP. If you missed reading my previous two posts, you catch up with Day One here and Day Two here.

Day Three started at 7am again when we woke up, got ready, and headed down the corridor to breakfast buffet at Inventions at 9am. After breakfast, we headed down towards Parc Disneyland! Today I finally got to wear my Alice In Wonderland Disney-Bound; it consisted of my baby blue Alice Hot Topic dress, my Disney Store Alice/White Rabbit socks, and my Alice-inspired Minnie ears I had purchased in the park on the 1st day!


Our first ride of the day was Le Carousel De Lancelot. The thing I love most about the carousel is the beautiful music from all different classic Disney movies, I have fun recognising all the tunes as the carousel turns around and around.

Next up was our first ever spin of the trip on Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups! The cast members giggled when I joked I hadn’t dressed for the occasion or anything (my Alice Disney-Bound was, of course, pretty blatant!)


After getting a little dizzy whizzing round in a lilac tea cup, it was time to take a trip down the rabbit hole into Wonderland…

… With a stroll through Alice’s Curious Labyrinth! Because of my Alice Disney-Bound, we couldn’t resist using the labyrinth’s scenery, characters and props for quite a few fun photos…

… We headed through the first pathway then made our way through the Queen Of Hearts maze until we reached her castle. We climbed the stairs to the very top, where we took some gorgeous photos of the whole view of Fantasyland.

After exiting the labyrinth, we decided to attend the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party!


Next we decided to take a boat ride on Les Pays De Contes De Fées to see all the cute little storybook villages, and afterwards we headed around to the side and grabbed a spot on the Casey Jr. Le Petit Train Du Cirque!

It was now almost starting time for the Alice And Friends Meet ‘N’ Greet. Because I was wearing my Alice Disney-Bound and she’s my favourite character, I was absolutely determined to meet Alice for the first time! So we got in line and a few mins later, out comes… The Queen Of Hearts! I wasn’t too disappointed though as we still hadn’t had met her, and we only had to wait 15 minutes to meet her (if even that!). The Queen was in one of her friendlier moods on this day, and even curtsied back to me after I curtsied to her (you just HAVE to curtsy to her, if you want to keep your head!), I suspect she had just made her way back from a rather successful morning execution in her royal courtyard…

… After we said farewell to The Queen we asked the CM if Alice was going to be making an appearance that day. To our luck, Alice was going to come out in just 15 minutes! So yes… We got in line once again! Time passed quickly, and off went the Queen Of Hearts, then 5 minutes later, she had arrived out again… But this time, WITH Alice skipping along by her side! We waited a little bit longer this time (I find that face characters always have a longer wait than fur as there’s more interaction going on), but Alice was very excited to see me. She exclaimed “Oh look, it’s ME!”, and the Queen turned me around on the spot while Alice admired all the mini-Alice’s on my outfit. She guessed that she was my favourite, so I got to have a couple of photos with her on my own, which I believe no one else in the queue got to do that day… Muahaha!

After our wonderful time meeting Alice and the Queen, we headed off to take another voyage on Pirates Of The Caribbean, where I bought this hilarious on-ride photo…


Then afterwards, we took a walk into Main Street USA to watch Minnie’s Spring Train for the first time this trip. I love the song a little too much, and I still have it going around in my head!

After watching the colourful train make its full way down Main Street, I made a quick trip into Harrington’s as there was a special larger ornament I wanted to purchase (you’ll see what it is exactly in my Merch Haul post, coming soon!). Afterwards, we used our Pause Gourmand vouchers in Casey’s Corner on coffee, hot chocolate and sugar donuts once again. We then exited Parc Disneyland so we could return to Walt Disney Studios…


We took our seats on the Studio Tram Tour to explore the backlots, and then we used our Hotel FastPass vouchers to ride the brilliant Ratatouille: The Adventure once again! We rode in a different route this time to the previous day which was brilliant to experience all the different angles.

Time soon flew by, we returned to Parc Disneyland where we headed to Discoveryland to explore Les Mysteres Du Nautilus and take a drive around the futuristic track of Autopia… Then it was time for our 6pm reservation at Auberge De Cendrillon!

Before we had even got around to deciding our meal off the menu, the waitress gave us both our Prince’s Cocktail, then up Perla came running to us! Perla was a very sweet mouse, but also very michevious, making Rupert do funny proposing poses for photos with her, then asking us for a mouse-selfie (a moufie?!) I was giggling the whole time!

Straight after, Prince Charming and Cinderella visited our corner too to say hello. They were both very friendly, and Charming noticed my Alice outfit and asked if she was my favourite but I said that Cinderella is also my favourite, of course, which she liked! I complemented their lovely restaurant and told them I was so excited to be finally visiting to which they thanked me and said they hoped we had a great time. We then had a CM take a photo of both of us with them.

The next character to make their way to us was Suzy! Suzy was just as fun and cheeky as Perla, she told me off for wearing Alice and not Cinderelly(!) but once I told her that all my favourite characters wear blue so Cinderelly AND Suzy herself are my favourites too she let me off the hook, pheww! She gave us mouse-hugs…

And then, THIS hilarious photo ensued…


By this time, we had finally stopped giggling and got round to ordering some food! This was my very tasty Prince’s Cocktail and crayfish starter…

Just before our mains were served up, the princesses came together in the far room for a fairytale waltz!

After we finished our delicious mains, it was time for dessert! Unfortunately Auberge had stopped doing the chocolate Cinderella’s Slipper for the Adult Menu dessert, but the very lovely CM put in a good word to the Chef, so… Look what I got!


This was Rupert’s dessert (he had the normal Adult option which looked equally delicious)…


The last two princesses left to meet were Snow White and Belle, so we waited for them to reach us, which wasn’t too long after we finished dessert. First to reach our corner was Snow White! I’ll be honest; I found Snow very brief. She did ask us who our favourite dwarfs were; Rupert said Dopey and I answered Grumpy because I liked the cute gooseberry pie she made him that cheered him up. I asked her how she gets all the animals to do the washing and the cleaning to which she very quickly replied “I sing”… I was expecting a teeny bit more to her answer than that but oh well, it is true, she does sing and the animals do come a’knockin’!

I expected Belle would be brief too as we were one of the last tables she had left to greet and I was sure she needed to return to her castle for the evening soon, but Belle was AMAZING. She also greeted me with “Hello, Princess!” like Tiana had done the previous day, and was so incredibly friendly. She asked us all about our time at DLP so far, and wished that the weather would improve for us as it was our last day the next day (it had been rainy on and off). I told her I loved her dress to which she replied “Thank you, my wardrobe helped me pick it, I’m glad you like it!” She also said she loved my hair to which I answered “My hair?! I love YOUR hair!” Belle is so beautiful! I told her that her story is my favourite to which she was very pleased, and she asked me if I knew her friends Chip and the Beast (I nodded). I asked how the Beast was doing and if he’s a Prince for good now. “Yes, he is a prince now,” she replied, “But sometimes… He changes back!” Oh dear! That explains why he’s sometimes in Beast form in the parks, then, I guess the curse wouldn’t clear away completely! After one final hug, we had our photo taken together, then left Auberge De Cendrillon for the evening.

After dinner, we headed over to Phantom Manor to take another ride in a doombuggy around the haunted Ravenswood estate. After riding, I explained the whole backstory of Melanie, the curse and the Ravenswoods to Rupert so the ride’s story made more sense to him! By the time we reached central plaza, we released we were yet to have a photo of us both with the castle! So we asked if one of the CMs attending the Dreams barrier would mind and he kindly took this photo for us…


We then headed into Discoveryland once more as they was only ONE ride attraction left in Parc Disneyland that we hadn’t yet done: Orbitron!


We then re-rode Space Mountain


… And finally, Buzz Lightyear’s Laser Blast. I actually purchased the on-ride photo this time as our total concentration is hilarious!


Then we sat down at the entry to Discoveryland, where we had this glorious view of Disney Dreams

After Dreams, we exited the park and once again wandered around Disney Village where Rupert purchased a couple of items he had had his eye on. I also visited the Disneyland Hotel boutique to pick up my ornament I had purchased earlier, and also bought another top, a handbag, another pair of Minnie ears and two more pins. I’ll finish this day’s report with some pretty photos of the boutique’s themed windows!

I hope you enjoyed reading Day Three. Day Four (our final day) coming tomorrow!

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