Travel | Disneyland Paris Trip Report | Tuesday 10th May | Day Two

Welcome to Day Two of my Disneyland Paris May Trip Report! It’s so lovely to see so many of you enjoyed reading Day One (If you missed it, you can read Day One here). Tuesday 10th May was our first full day in DLP, so without further ado, here’s everything we got up to on Day Two!

Our day started when I got up at 7am. I know this sounds silly, but I was very excited to try out the luxury-looking shower in our room which had Hyacinth Hippo on the tiles! It was definitely the best shower of any Disney hotel room I’ve stayed in, the water regulated straight away and was straight-forward to use. I finished getting ready at 8.40am by which time Rupert had finally woke up too (I don’t blame him lying in longer, not only had we had hardly any sleep the night before travelling to DLP, but also that king-size bed was super comfy, you really wouldn’t want to leave it in a hurry!). Whilst I was doing my make-up I also noticed another really cool reference to Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs on our huge bathroom mirror; each corner and middle section had a different dwarf portrait, with Snow White herself at the very top!

imageWe went down the hallway to our breakfast buffet just before 9am. Our breakfast was in the Inventions restaurant inside our hotel. The inside of this restaurant has some beautiful decor, with old-fashioned gadgets and gizmos suspended from the ceiling and lots of framed diagrams on the walls. We were placed right near the window, where we could look outside and over into the park entrance itself. We had quite a few yummy croissants each, then had a look at our park guide to have a little plan of what attractions we wanted to do that day. After breakfast, we grabbed our things and headed towards Parc Disneyland, only quickly stopping in the gorgeous lobby to pose with the flowery gazebo in the centre for a quick photo! I was wearing my Up Disney-Bound on this day, which consisted of my Hot Topic dress which featured Carl’s house flying away on the skirt, my white flowery Minnie ears from TruffleShuffle online, and my Ellie Grape Soda Badge pin I had purchased the day before in the park.

imageOur first stop in Parc Disneyland at 10am that morning was Frontierland for Tiana and Naveen’s Meet ‘N’ Greet! The Princess And The Frog is one of my favourite Disney movies and I’d been looking forward to meeting the leading star couple for absolutely ages. Rupert hasn’t seen it, so I quickly filled him in on the film’s plot. It’s now on the watch list! We only had to wait a couple of minutes before I skipped up to Tiana, to which she exclaimed “Hello, Princess!” and had a hug with both her and Naveen. Both were so lovely and chatty, they asked us where we came from and if there was lots of rain and frogs in England, I also asked Naveen if he still eats flies to which he replied “Oh, only on Sunday’s!” with a wink. He was also curious as to whether Rupert was also a frog when I first met him! Tiana liked my Up Disney-Bound and I told her I am literally in love with her beautiful bayou ballgown (which is even more amazing in reality!) before finally posing for some photos with both of us.

Next, we had a short walk over to Adventureland where people had already started queueing for the Peter Pan & Friends Meet ‘N’ Greet! I had already met Peter, Captain Hook and Smee on my last trip in November, so I was mostly hoping to meet Wendy; however, out came the notorious Jolly Roger captain himself! I wasn’t too fussed as I love Hook, he’s one of my favourite villains and he’s always such a gentleman, kissing my hand and twirling me round for a dance before we both stepped in for a photo with him. Although we didn’t meet Wendy on this trip, we did briefly see her stroll through Fantasyland with Smee later on, which was awesome enough for me!

imageOur first rides of the day in Parc Disneyland were Blanche Neige Et Les Sept Nains, Les Voyages De Pinocchio and Phantom Manor. Peter Pan’s Flight was closed on this trip for renovation, which was a shame as I love the dark rides but it was good that the other three were still open! I don’t know why but I swear Blanche Neige has been sped up, I felt the cart went swizzing around a lot quicker than my last visit. Pinocchio is still a decent speed though, I think it’s nice when they’re just slow enough to take in all the hidden details and props, if they’re too fast you’ll blink and miss them all! Out of the three, Phantom Manor is my all-time favourite, to this day I still discover new things while riding in the doombuggy!

After Phantom Manor, we decided to hop over to the Walt Disney Studios for the first time on this trip. Our first ride here was Crush’s Coaster which was the longest queue wait of our whole trip (I believe it was 40 minutes wait) but the time soon flew by as we had a go of the Crush’s Coaster game on our phones. I managed to beat Rupert at it, yay! Next up was The Twilight Zone: Tower Of Terror, another of my all-time favourite DLP rides. I love the tense building atmosphere that leads up to the big drop! Afterwards, we visited Art Of Animation and then  we took a short walk over to Toy Story Playland for the incredible RC Racer. We then headed inside Studio 1 to grab some bottled water and sugar donuts using our Pause Gourmand vouchers.

It was now time to explore the amazing Ratatouille: The Adventure! We used our Hotel FastPass vouchers to head straight in and only had a 3 minute wait before climbing aboard an Emile shaped Ratmobile then scrambling through the perilous restaurant kitchen floors at the size of a rat! After riding, we had a look inside the Chez Marianne Souvenirs De Paris gift shop, where I just couldn’t resist purchasing the adorable mini Remy and Emile plushies. It was now 5pm – nearly time to take our seats for our 5.30pm reservation at Bistrot Chez Remy! So across the plaza we headed into through the restaurant doors and waited for our slot.

Because we had Premium Meal Vouchers, we could choose our dinner from the luxury Gusteau Menu. We both had duck foie gras with a champagne sauce, violet fig jam, toasted walnut bread and salad for our starter, followed by our main course for which I chose the fillet of sea bass, premium ratatouille, confit potatoes and a Gâtinais saffron beurre blanc sauce (Rupert had the fillet of beef option) and then dessert was Gusteau’s Special, which was a yummy giant profiterole. I have got to say, out of all the meals I’ve ever eaten at DLP, this was literally the most delicious! Rupert said his beef was the best he had ever tasted ever, and I say the same about my sea bass. The whole meal was just so tasty, and the portions were sized just right. We will most certainly be going back there again!

After finishing our meal, us and a few other diners had to be escorted out of the park by a Cast Member as the Walt Disney Studios park closed at 6pm each night, and it was now around 6.40pm. Unfortunately, the heavens had greatly opened and not only was it raining heavy but there was also thunder too, so we headed back to the hotel to take cover and dry off.

The rain was showing no signs of stopping anytime soon, so we decided to make the most of our time inside the hotel by visiting the bar: Cafe Fantasia! Fantasia is one of Rupert’s favourite Disney movies, and the bar has subtle design references to the movie all over the walls; dancing hippos, musical notes, sorcerer apprentice posters etc. We ordered our drinks, I ordered myself my first ever Blue Glowtini, of which I’ve heard so many good things about online; I love nothing more than a good cocktail, especially one that literally glows! I can’t remember the name of the beer Rupert ordered, but it tasted like strawberries, I normally hate beer but this one tasted brilliant! The staff in Cafe Fantasia were awesome; along with our drinks, we were served free snacks – yes, you read that correctly, FREE SNACKS – with our drinks which consisted of nuts, olives and nachos, the barman who served us was very friendly and offered to take a photo of both of me and Rupert together for us. My Glowtini was one of the best cocktails I’ve ever tasted, so lovely and peachy. I would’ve easily ordered another!

After we finished and paid for our drinks, the rain had eased up a little, so we went back to our room, grabbed our waterproofs and headed back out to Parc Disneyland. We decided to watch Disney Dreams for the first time this trip – and what better way to watch Dreams for the first time on a trip than to stand at the very front?! All in all we waited around an hour and a half standing in place but the time seemed to pass very quickly and before long the rain cleared up just as the show was about to start – as if by magic!

After the show ended, we had a little wander around Disney Village again, then we called it a night. Reading this day’s trip report back, I can’t believe how much we actually managed to fit into one day! This day also contained a lot of firsts for Rupert; everything we rode in WDS was brand new to him, and being a fan of thrill-rides he really enjoyed them all. It was also both our first time watching the original Disney Dreams night show; I’ve only seen the Christmas Dreams in person before, and I must say that the original show that we saw this time was 100 times better in my opinion!

imageI hope you enjoyed reading Day Two. You can catch all of Day Three’s antics tomorrow!

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  1. Lovely post! The only thing I could think was omg you got up so late!!! I always get up at like 5 am when I visit so I can get straight in for EMH! I think my next visit I may hav a few lie ins 🙂 xx


    1. Aww thank you, Emily 😊 haha! We had only 4 hours sleep the previous night I believe, so a lay in was in much need! Although we’d love to do EMH properly, so we’ll need to have a few more early mornings next time! ✨ xx

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