Cosplay | Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland | Norwich Big Geek Meet

Hi everyone! If you follow me on any of my social media accounts, you’ve probably seen a few photos already of my Alice cosplay, but I didn’t give too much details of why, where, what I was actually up to. Well, the answer is… I attended my first ever Norwich Big Geek Meet!


Norwich Big Geek Meet is hosted by a company named Animeleague who organise Big Geek Meets all over the UK, free-to-attend events that welcome anybody and everybody who love all things nerdy to meet up, cosplay, and have fun!


Although I have had a blast dressing up for fancy dress parties and for Scare Actor work in the past, this was my first ever “proper” cosplay. Whatever I chose for my first cosplay I decided just had to be Disney-related (I’m sure you can tell how much of a DisNerd I am from the majority of my blog content!), so I decided on Alice Kingsleigh from Disney/Tim Burton’s live action Alice In Wonderland.


There’s a few reasons why I chose this particular Alice; a) I love the Tim Burton movie, it’s amazing and I cannot wait for the sequel this month, b) I think Alice’s blue dress from the movie is just beautiful and, most importantly, c) Alice has always been one of my all-time favourite Disney characters, but Mia Wasikowska’s Alice was, in my opinion, a perfect portrayal of her inquisitive, curious personality and adventurous free-spirit.


The whole day was a brilliant experience, we had a wonderful time and met so many lovely people, everyone’s cosplays were spot-on and looked incredible. I think it’s safe to say we’ll be attending the next one in July! I’m currently running a poll on Twitter (which ends Monday 9th May) as I need help deciding what Disney character I should cosplay at the next event. If you can head over to my Twitter (@MandyJean) and vote for who you’d like to see out of the four options, I’d be very grateful!


All photos in this post were taken on the day by Oowen Photography.

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Author: Mandy Jean

Hi there! I'm a 21 year old Disney, lifestyle, fashion, beauty and pop culture blogger. When I'm not busy writing away my thoughts, I operate my own professional make-up artistry business in Norfolk, UK.

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