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Last Sunday, we witnessed the first ever LGBT couple introduced on ABC’s Once Upon A Time in the form of Ruby/Red Hiding Hood and Dorothy Gale, now known by their catchy new ship name ‘#RubySlippers’! Also newly introduced on OUAT as a romantic pairing are Hades, Lord of The Underworld and Zelena, the Wicked Witch of The West. This got me thinking about all the other couples on the show, and which are my all-time favourites that have appeared during its run-time; there has been a fair few of them after all. So without further ado, here’s my Top 5 favourite OUAT couples!


5. Kristoff Bjorgman and Princess Anna of Arendelle ‘#Kristanna’
Okay, okay… They’re not strictly an exclusive OUAT couple as they were already an item by the epilogue of Disney’s Frozen, but I really wanted to include them in this list as I feel that OUAT did an amazing job of developing their romance over the course of S4A in such a short time. Both Elizabeth Lail and Scott Michael Foster did incredible justice to their respective characters, and had some great loving on-screen bond; they’re actions and reactions just instantly bounced off one another. The scene where Anna and Kristoff say their vows in the trunk at the bottom of the sea was incredibly emotional, and I’ll admit… I even shed a tear! They’re just a couple you just WANT to see happy, which is lucky as the last time we saw them, they were off to be married. Yay!


4. Robin Hood and Regina Mills ‘#OutlawQueen’
When I first heard word of a romance between the heroic Robin Hood and the notorious Evil Queen Regina, I was like… Whaaaat?! But in actual fact; this sort of pairing is actually one of many things I like about OUAT; the show is not afraid to take risks. Now, I’d be lying if I said that every risk the show took was for the best (there’s been more than a couple of “whoopsies” along the way when it comes to character depictions), but I like that even though this romance was unexpected… It worked. Robin is the reason Regina is finally happy and has put vengeance behind her for good, although even she couldn’t initially believe it herself. Sean Maguire and Lana Parrilla do such a fantastic job of making the characters romantically fit so well together, you almost forget that Regina was ever a vicious, murderous royal, and that Robin was ever even married to Maid Marian. I believe this is a moral theme that often occurs on the show; love can be found in unexpected places. Sometimes, that place is a random little tavern that a rebellious fairy flew you to and you need to take said fairy’s dating advice. You just need to take the chance.


3. Rumplestiltskin and Belle French ‘#Rumbelle’
I still remember how I marvelled at the introduction of Rumple and Belle’s romance in S1 episode “Skin Deep“, and to this day it’s still one of my all time favourite episodes of OUAT. Making Rumplestiltskin the “beast” that Belle falls in love with is, in my opinion, genius, and it let us as the viewing audience see a whole new side to Rumplestiltskin we hadn’t witnessed previously. Rumple was more human that we originally thought, and more sympathetic, as Belle’s good-natured personality brought about morals that Rumple hid deep down inside his dark heart. However, we can’t always fully trust the infamous Dark One; Rumplestiltskin, no matter how much he truly is in love with Belle, has a bad habit of putting his greed for power first, and the couple have had numerous break-ups during the course of the series due to this. But there’s also been so many beautiful moments between them, some of which have even played homage to the original Disney movie that their relationship is based on. I really hope that they will finally get the happiness they deserve! Also, major props go to Robert Carlyle and Emilie De Ravin who portray the pair so skilfully, both actors always deliver such an deep emotionally-driven performance and together they’ve had some of the most intense couple moments on the show; without them, Rumbelle just wouldn’t have its magic.


2. Emma Swan and Capt. Killian ‘Hook’ Jones ‘#CaptainSwan’
Emma has had a couple of previous romances on the show with Sheriff Graham/The Huntsman and with Neal/Baelfire (who of course is Henry’s father) and both of Emma’s previous relationships were portrayed nicely, but her ultimate true love came in the form of swashbuckling pirate Killian, better known as the infamous Captain Hook. One of my favourite moments from the whole entire show is their first kiss in Neverland in S3, which sent fans and shippers into a frenzy! Like many other great couples both on OUAT and other shows, their roles in the story are polar opposites that attract perfectly thanks to their personalities. Hook was a villain blinded by vengeance and Emma the Saviour who was constantly pressured into being Storybrooke’s hero. Over the course of their time together, Emma and Killian have helped to cure each other of their long-riddled issues, and come to truly passionately love and care for each other. Every scene with Jennifer Morrison and Colin O’Donoghue in the same room is electric with their dynamic on-screen chemistry. I’ll admit that I was incredibly close to making them steal the top spot of this list as I love them both so much, but


1. Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard and David Nolan/Prince Charming ‘#Snowing’
… Of course, my number one OUAT couple just HAS to go to the pair who started it all. Without the Charming’s story at its heart, there wouldn’t even be Once Upon A Time. What I love most about Snow and David is that despite everything, they’re not perfect. Both characters, just like every other character on the show, have made mistakes. But, if there’s any drop of hope left in a bad situation, Snow and David will be the first to fight for it with all they’ve got, and that’s how they’ve got to where they stand as of present day. They’ve lost each other countless times throughout the show, but always found each other in the end, thanks to their famous motto “I will always find you“. They’ve had to deal with so many downfalls too; reclaiming their kingdom, succumbing to the Evil Queen’s curse, losing their only beloved daughter, being in literal limbo for 28 years in a strange land, not remembering who they truly are… And that’s just S1. As constantly mentioned on the show, Emma herself is the literal product of their true love, and they are the reason she has light magic. They are quite simply, without a doubt, my number one OUAT couple. Oh, and not only are Snow White and David happily married on the show, Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas (who portray the pair, respectively) are also happily married in real life. If that’s not true love, then I don’t know what is!

I hope you enjoyed reading all about my Top 5 favourite Once Upon A Time couples, and why I love to watch them! Do you agree with my list? Who’s your favourite pairing on the show? Feel free to tweet all things OUAT with me @MandyJean

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