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This is the ‘Disney Holiday Hints And Tips Tag‘ created by Emily over at Hollywood And Lime, I was tagged by Jade from Outside The Tower. If you haven’t already, make sure to check out both their wonderful blogs after reading! You can find Emily’s original post here.

Disney Park: Disneyland Paris

1. When is the best time to visit?

I would say the best time to visit Disney is during Seasons (Swing Into Spring, Halloween, Christmas etc) as the atmosphere is phenomenal, there’s lots of characters about, and lots of exclusive shows too! I always try and secure the cheapest deal I can find during these seasons so I can still efficiently budget my trip.

2. How long is the perfect visit?

The longest I’ve stayed at DLP is 3 nights/4 days, which to be honest, is just perfect for me. Although I’d never say no to an extra day in the most magical place on earth! I’ve also stayed 2 nights/3 days, but I wouldn’t do that again as it all felt way too quick and was over too soon.

3. Which hotel is the best to stay at and why?

Definitely the amazing 5* Disneyland Hotel! Sure, it may be the most expensive, but it is situated literally on the park’s doorstep, it has amazing restaurants, a gorgeous bar, and the beautiful decor. Oh, and the building itself is pastel pink. I LOVE pastel pink.

4. Is there anywhere else to visit near the park?

I’ve never personally felt the need to venture outside of DLP whilst visiting, but Marne La Vallée-Chessy train station is situated right at the park’s entrance, so you can always take a train into central Paris and explore the many sights.

5. What is the one thing that is a must to pack?

Your travel documents… Or you won’t be able to enter the park! Also, don’t forget the little things, like travel plugs for charging your phone and camera and blister plasters as you’re gonna be doing a lot of walking over the next few days.

6. Where is the best place to take a picture of the castle?

Let’s be honest; Le Château De La Belle Au Bois Dormant is breath-taking from whatever angle you choose to frame it. But one of my favourite photo spots is climbing to the top of the Queen Of Hearts Castle in Alice’s Curious Labyrinth, where you can only get a fabulous photo of the castle, but of the whole of Fantasyland.

7. Where is the best place to watch the parade?

While standing on the pavements of Main Street is the most common place to watch it from (and it’s still a good spot), I personally prefer either the entrance or the exit gates as I find it’s less crowded, you can stand right at the front, and you’ll get the best character interaction. Also, if you stand at the parade entrance gate (near It’s A Small World), you can follow the parade dancing all the way down the street after watching!

8. Where is the best place to watch the fireworks?

Definitely RIGHT AT THE FRONT, outside the castle. Me and my friend were so dedicated to finding a good spot that we quickly nipped in front where the barrier rope was put up at 8.30pm, and we waited there for an hour and a half… But it was SO worth it. Full view, no one in front, no annoying dads with kids on their shoulders blocking everything, no one pushing in… It was the best way to experience Disney Dreams! However, if you aren’t as hardcore as us, try standing behind a bin near the flowerbeds, as you’ll get no one immediately in front of you there too.

9. Which restaurant would you recommend and why?

I’d recommend that you attend at least one character dining experience during your stay as not only do you get to relax with good food, but it’s the most fun, magical experience. You can find character dining at Inventions, Auberge Du Cendrillion and Café Mickey.

10. What food should I try?

It’s not a Disneyland trip unless you’ve sampled something sweet! Check out the Boardwalk Candy Palace and Cable Car Bake Shop on Main Street USA as well as La Confiserie Des Trois Fees in Fantasyland for the most delicious treats you can find!

11. Which rides are a must?

My personal favourites are dark rides such as Peter Pan’s Flight, It’s A Small World, Pirates Of The Carribbean and Phantom Manor, but I also love thrill rides such as Tower Of Terror and Crush’s Coaster. My simple advice is… TRY THEM ALL!

12. If I can only buy one thing, what should it be?

Something that is memorable to you and your trip. Every time I go, I like to buy at least one new unique plushie, pin or ornament. I only buy merch that is Disney Parks exclusive when in DLP as you can only find it at Disney Parks, nowhere else, making it even more special.

13. If I can only do one thing in the park, what should I do?

I’m sorry, but there is no way you can only do ONE thing in the park. That’s just not gonna happen, it’s all too magical to resist. You’ll just have to stay for longer and try everything!

14.What is the one thing I must take into the park?

A camera to capture every special moment of your trip, so you can always look back and remember the fun and excitement.

15. If you had to tell me your own top tip/hint what would it be?

There is no right or wrong at Disneyland Paris; so JUST HAVE FUN. Do what YOU want to do. Make sure to pick up a couple of Park Guides/Map at the entrance so you can make the most of all the wonderful happenings going on and know where you can find them.

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