Art | Lavender’s Blue, Dilly-Dilly, Lavender’s Green | Cinderella Coloured Pencil Portrait

I’ll admit I actually haven’t drawn in a while. A couple of years ago, I set myself a challenge to sketch a 3-5min Disney-themed doodle a day which I’d then post on my social media accounts. This got quite popular, and I’d get requests from friends/followers for characters to do the following day. I eventually stopped doing one doodle a day and started one full pencil sketch a week. I soon got lots of other projects come up and, well, I decided to take a hiatus.

I was sorting through my old drawings the other day when I found ALL of my old 3-5min Disney Doodles… I forgot how many there was, there must’ve been over 100 different speed-sketches! I also found my full-page once-a-week sketches, which got me completely in the creative mood again. I noticed that I’d somehow completely skipped over a live-action Cinderella piece, which is surprising as Cinderella (2015) is now one of my all-time favourite movies. So I knew exactly what I wanted to do right away!


Out came my Derwent pencils and away I sketched. I decided on a portrait-format to fully capture Lily James’ likeness. I wanted to somehow incorporate all of the beautiful colours of Ella’s glass slippers when the light refracts through them in the piece, and as I couldn’t fit in the slippers themselves (being a portrait), I decided to make Ella’s dress resemble them more closely instead. I had completed the whole process within 3-4 hours, with breaks in-between.

imageI really enjoyed making this sketch come to life, and I hope you all like it too! I’m gonna try and post as much of my artwork as I can from now on. Let me know what you think by tweeting me @MandyJean


Author: Mandy Jean

Hi there! I'm a 21 year old Disney, lifestyle, fashion, beauty and pop culture blogger. When I'm not busy writing away my thoughts, I operate my own professional make-up artistry business in Norfolk, UK.

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