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So it appears that it’s that time where everyone is revealing their deepest, darkest, secret Disney confessions… These are Disney-related confession posts that can be trivial, funny, or even just downright cringey! So, without further ado… Here’s my 6 confessions. *eep!*

I don’t understand how so, because The Black Cauldron has all the essentials to be one of the greats. Think about it: Epic fantasy adventure based on best-selling novels, young boy hero (Taran), sassy Disney princess (Eilonwy), cute little sidekicks (Hen-Wen and Gurgi), funny comic relief characters (Fflewddur Fflam and the witches), and possibly one of the most frightening Disney villains to EVER exist (The Horned King, voiced by the great John Hurt). This movie was one genuinely of my favourites as a child, it’s dark theming intrigued me, the same way the Evil Queen’s transformation in Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs was the most thrilling, pulse-racing part of the whole animation. And despite all the perilous black magic and the skeletal Cauldron-Born, The Black Cauldron even has the traditional Disney fairy tale happy ending. It’s sad TBC it doesn’t get the love it deserves. Even the author, Lloyd Alexander, enjoyed the movie, which rarely happens in book-film adaptions… just look at how badly P L Travers reacted to Disney’s Mary Poppins. So badly, in fact, Saving Mr Banks was born. I did recently hear rumours of Walt Disney Pictures acquiring the film rights to The Chronicles of Prydain novels, so maybe there is a new The Black Cauldron adaption on the way… Only time will tell!

The target audience may be young children with an obsession with fairies, but just like the original Peter Pan, the Tinker Bell movies have stories that can be enjoyed by both the young and young at heart. My personal favourite is the third in the series; Tinker Bell And The Great Fairy Rescue. Just like main character Lizzy, I too was a fairy-mad child, and grew up in the English countryside where I believed playful, mischievous pixies hid at the bottom of the garden, so this particular movie in the franchise held a lot of nostalgia for me. However, I think each and every Tinker Bell movie has some valuable moral lessons at its heart, and the animation itself is incredibly beautiful, it truly brings the magical world of fairies to life. Not to mention the gorgeous pop songs that accompany the soundtrack of every instalment. It’s a great shame these movies are being discontinued, there’s still so much room in the way the characters, plot and mythology could grow. I’m hoping that DisneyToon Studios will change their minds and even perhaps include more characters from the official Gail Carson Levine books they’re based on, such as my favourite blonde, wing-less water fairy Rani; she and countless others would make for great movie-adaptions!

If you don’t know what Wannabe Mermaid Syndrome (WMS) is, don’t worry; I just made the name up, but it was common in 90’s kids. One of my favourite Disney Princesses growing up was Ariel. This was mostly due to my childhood fascination with mermaids. Everything about them intrigued me… What do mermaids eat? How do mermaids sleep? How are baby mermaids born? The list goes on. As a child, I loved to keep goldfish as pets and even had an Ariel aquarium statue in the fish tank. Whenever I went swimming, I’d bring my The Little Mermaid snorkelling kit from the Disney Store but I’d only use the flippers (my personal mermaid “fins”), no need for the snorkel mask as obviously mermaids can naturally breathe underwater, duh! As you can see, I just basically WISHED to be a mermaid. THIS IS ‘WANNABE MERMAID SYNDROME’, FOLKS. Kind of ironic really, as Ariel wanted to be part of the human world. Guess that’s why I actually related more to her daughter Melody in the sequel! I still wanna go to mermaid school…

This IS with the exception of Big Hero 6, Guardians Of The Galaxy and Deadpool (which isn’t even a Disney property). A few friends recommended I watch Avengers Assemble as I like the Marvel movies mentioned above, as well as DC Comics movies… But when I finally did, I was met with major disappointment. I found the plot long-winded, complicated, and… Well, plain boring. Safe to say I won’t be watching the rest of the franchise. Sorry!

Star Wars had never really appealed to me much growing up. Sure, I vaguely remember owning a Padmé fashion doll and a slightly creepy Yoda head-shaped spaceship playset as young child, when I was going through the “playing with 90’s toys that weren’t Barbie” phrase. But I had NEVER watched a whole Star Wars movie. The whole thing confused me. How is the IV Episode the first film? Just how many canon SW movies are there? Why was the first 10mins of Episode I so dreadfully boring I fell asleep that ONE time I tried to begin the epic saga? All these questions were answered when I was finally properly introduced to Star Wars by my mega-fan boyfriend. I’ve finally watched Episodes IV, V and VI. And you know what? I ACTUALLY LIKE THEM. That’s something I never thought I’d say. Now I know that I was just in denial all those years. Fandom denial: it’s a thing. Much like Wannabe Mermaid Syndrome.

I’ve seen quite a few fellow bloggers confess their dislike for these two movies, but honestly, I’m the opposite. I know the hatred stems from the fact that both movies change the plot of the original stories they’re based on (whereas live action Cinderella follows closely to the original tale) and I can understand that… But honestly, as beautiful as the original animation is, wouldn’t a shot-for-shot LA remake of Sleeping Beauty be a little pointless? And yes, I know that Wicked fans were disappointed by the change in backstory that Oz The Great & Powerful provided, but while I’m a fan of Wicked myself, I personally think that the Disney movie gave us a more plausible prequel that fits well with the original L. Frank Baum novel. Both movies have an amazing artistic style, phenomenal production values and an exciting adventure at their heart… Sure, they have their flaws, but what movie doesn’t? In my personal opinion, I think the worst live action Disney production is Disney Descendants. I gave it a try, even a couple of tries, to “like it”. But the story, characters, dialogue and music are truly awful even by Disney Channel standards, and they mess with Disney’s rich heritage in a way that just shouldn’t have been touched. I’ve read fan-fiction with more soul than that terrible premise… Okay, so maybe you think the same about Oz The Great & Powerful and Maleficent, but don’t worry; no one is gonna agree on everything. You can still be my friend if you don’t like them… Just don’t judge me too harshly in return!

So, that was my 6 Disney Confessions! I hope you enjoyed reading. Do you have a secret Disney confession you haven’t told anyone? Feel free to tweet me yours @MandyJean


Author: Mandy Jean

My name is Mandy Jean, I’m 23, and I’m probably likely to be in the top 5 of the most nerdy people you’ll ever meet (I’ve been personally informed of this on more than one occasion). I’m also obsessed with Disney movies, an avid comic reader and pastel colours are my Kryptonite. When I’m not blogging, I’m a cosplayer under the name Enchanted Rose Cosplay, and have been working part-time as a pro make-up artist for 7 years. Oh, I also enjoy sketching in my downtime and chilling with my dogs, Maggie May and Minnie Bow.

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