Review | Fairy Tale Gourmet | Easter Special

With Easter being last weekend, I thought I’d show you my yummy chocolate gifts I received from my lovely family – Fairy Tale Gourmet goodies!

If you haven’t heard of Fairy Tale Gourmet, they are London-based chocolatiers who make the most amazingly scrumptious Fairy Tale themed creations!

Yes, you read that correctly… Fairy talesAND CHOCOLATE. My life is complete.

I’ve already tried most of FTG‘s selections in the past, including the Snow White Collection Gift Box, Cinderella‘s Slipper, Goldilocks Chocolate Bears, and Red Hiding Hood‘s Marvellous Muffins (which I had instead of a birthday cake on my 21st because they are THAT GOOD). I’ve also purchased Nana Treats for my dogs. That’s right, they make dog biscuits too. What magic doesn’t this company stir up?

One of the collections I’ve yet to try from is the Alice In Wonderland collection. Quite curious, really, as Alice In Wonderland is one of my all-time favourite stories. So this time, my family kindly surprised me with the White Rabbit ‘Honey Time Gift Box’ Milk Chocolate Selection, and Humpty Dumpty Sir Salt McCaramel Filled Egg, as it was Easter after all – what’s Easter without a good egg!


I could write paragraphs about just how DELICIOUS these are. It’s honestly the best chocolate I’ve ever tasted, and as I’ve said before, I’m the biggest chocoholic you’ll ever meet. I’ve tried a whole bunch of different chocolates in my time, but none like this. The fact that they’re Fairy Tale themed is honestly just the cherry on top of the best (metaphorical) cake you’ll ever know.

It’s not just the chocolate that’s to die for either; the honey used inside the Honey Time bars is so brilliantly oozing with flavour (like, it literally oozes out the bar, it’s awesome), and the salted caramel is just the perfect gooey mix of salty and sweet. When it comes to flavour, Fairy Tale Gourmet are quite literally genius.

And the best part, you ask? With all of FTG‘s marvellous products, you can choose your favourite flavour out of a whole variety available in their drop-down menus. For example, would you like your ‘Poisoned Apple’ to be filled with Pink Marshmallow, or Himalayan Salted Caramel? Would you like the chocolate coating to be White, Milk, or Dark? Decisions, decisions!



All of Fairy Tale Gourmet‘s fabulous products come beautifully packaged. If you’d like to try these wonderful chocolate goodies for yourself, head over to

Psst… I’m already thinking of sampling the Little Mermaid collection next time! 😉


Author: Mandy Jean

My name is Mandy Jean, I’m 23, and I’m probably likely to be in the top 5 of the most nerdy people you’ll ever meet (I’ve been personally informed of this on more than one occasion). I’m also obsessed with Disney movies, an avid comic reader and pastel colours are my Kryptonite. When I’m not blogging, I’m a cosplayer under the name Enchanted Rose Cosplay, and have been working part-time as a pro make-up artist for 7 years. Oh, I also enjoy sketching in my downtime and chilling with my dogs, Maggie May and Minnie Bow.

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